It is a big task to do a home remodel or space addition by yourself  Only if you have the skills and tools is when you may not need to hire the services of a general contractor.   There are some tips that will enable you have a good working relationship with them. One important tip is communication.   Good communication should be developed between you and the manager as early as the time the project begins. Establishment of good communication is a task that the each of the two parties involved need to do.  Make a point of visiting the construction site daily so that you keep up with the progress and ask about anything that has come up during the project.  Discuss with the contractor for 10- 15 minutes.   It is important that you give a feedback of your thoughts about how the project has been carried out so far.  Without communicating your feedback, Jackson Area General Contractor will not be able to know whether you are satisfied or not.  Ensure you have the contractor’s contact details so that you can either text or call if you have queries.

At any point in time you may have great ideas that will be important to the project, you should note them down.  This is because once you get a chance to communicate it to the contractor, it may vanish from your mind.  Always keep a notebook that you can jot down your thoughts about the project.  Tracking of a project’s progress is made possible by the records of delivery dates or other valuable information that were written in a notebook.  You can later communicate to the contractor using these records.   Over the course of the project, there might be changes that will occur.  The changes should always be kept in writing.  The original plan might undergo structural changes or changes of a product when the previous one becomes unavailable.  The changes might increase the budget, therefore make a sure the contractor bids the changes before proceeding.  The contractor must give the accurate description of the bid and the fixed price. Signing off of the new work order should be done by both the homeowner and the project manager before the project commences.

The other tip to be mindful of is avoiding allowances.   When contractors are bidding for the job, they may state a higher budget of the project.  Chances are you will discover that the budget you settled for is way higher than the actual budget it should be.  This is because the contractor may have added items in the budget that have yet to be determined.  Do shopping in advance to avoid such allowances.   You should also tell the Jackson Area New Home Construction contractor what pieces you want to buy.


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